Insta Kids: A Reality Check with Dr. Nikia Scott

In this thought-provoking episode, NAH dives deep into the complex world of social media and its profound effects on young children.




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NOT ALL HOOD (NAH) takes a provocative look at the vastly different lived experiences and identities of Blacks in America. The layered nuances are explored through conversations and guests who share their journeys and versions of Black confirmation about topics including Black masculinity, love and media representation. Infused with pop culture, music, and headlining news, the show addresses the evolution, exhilaration, and triumphs of being rooted in a myriad of versions of Black America.

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Malcolm-Jamal Warner

Malcolm-Jamal Warner has become known in the entertainment business for his seasoned acting talents and his accomplishments in music, directing, and producing. As an Emmy-nominated actor and Grammy award winner, Warner has positioned himself as one of the most accomplished talents in the industry today. This podcast is Malcolm at his most transparent and vulnerable … not Theo!

Candace O. Kelly

Candace is a highly sought-after Emmy-nominated reporter, commentator and host. She has been covering headlining news as well as legal and pop culture issues for over 20 years.

Weusi Baraka

Grandson, husband, father/Baba, uncle, mentor, friend, nephew, son, cultural curator, and conduit. A community organizer and culture curator of all things creative and artistic.